Monday, February 27, 2012

Thought for the Day

Stepping into a hot shower while still drowsy and stepping on a wet, lifesize, silicone rubber frog that squishes under your foot just like the real thing is better than a cup of coffee.

Not as good as a bat with a nicotine habit, but it does the trick.


Julie said...

is this a new competition being run by gunbloggers :)

ZerCool said...

Instead of squeaking, make it sing "Lalalalalalalala" and put it in Tam's shower.

why yes, I am evil, and perhaps possess a minor deathwish.

Julie said...

"minor" ZC? You're messing with the Tam ...

Mad Jack said...

I have learned (three times now) not to drink my morning bourbon while reading your words of wisdom.

I'm still laughing over this one. Thanks!

Flier389 said...

Maybe I should just start snorting my coffee. Instead of blowing it through my nose.

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