Sunday, February 26, 2012

News Roundup

  • From the "Bad Idea" Department - A judge in Georgia recently took his gun out to make a point during a trial.  A witness was being uncooperative, and the judge suggested the witness shoot her lawyer.  Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm DaddyBear's Den welcome to the honorable Judge David Barrett, the next bad example to be used ad nauseum by anti-gun organizations.  Keeping and recovering our rights is hard enough without giving those who oppose us even more  ammunition.
  • From the "Grand Theft WASR" Department - A teenager in Florida confessed to stealing an AK-47 clone and some ammunition from a house his mother works at as a housekeeper.  His excuse was that he really liked it and he didn't think his mom would buy one like it for him.  The young man probably ought to ask for incarceration, because coming home to his mother would be worse.  Better she have a while to cool off and find a new job before she lays into him.
  • From the "You Keep Using That Word" Department - The riots in Afghanistan over the disposal of Korans that were being used to send messages by internees at a prison in Afghanistan continue. So far four American soldiers have died, and seven more were wounded Sunday when "demonstrators" threw grenades at a NATO base.  Note to reporters and the U.S. government - when the bullets and hand grenades start flying, it's no longer a demonstration or protest, it's an attack.  The military leadership in Afghanistan and the Obama administration must have fill-in-the-blank forms for apologizing to foreign governments.  They issued apologies to Afghanistan, Muslims everywhere, the queen of Sheba, and Abe Vigoda within hours of the incident.  No word yet on whether they'll be apologizing to the families of the soldiers who are killed and wounded when 'peaceful protesters' start using deadly force instead of chanted slogans and our government wouldn't let them return effective fire.
  • From the "Welcome Home, Soldier" Department - The military has announced that the remains of the last missing soldier from fighting in Iraq have been identified.  SSG Ahmed Kousay Altaie went missing several years ago when he left his units base in Baghdad to visit family and was abducted.  No word yet on the circumstances of his death or the recovery of his remains.  SSG al-Taie, it's good to have you back.  

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