Friday, February 24, 2012

News Roundup

  • From the "Good For Him" Department - A new police officer in Kingston, New York, did a good job recently by ticketing the illegally parked car of the town's mayor twice in a week.  The mayor admits his fault and seems to not hold a grudge against the officer.  For once, I read something about police that didn't make my blood boil either because of the crime committed or the actions of the police.  Will miracles never cease?
  •  From the "Get  a Rope" Department - A policeman in Texas has been suspended and will probably face charges after security cameras recorded him stealing food from a refrigerator in his office.  The food taken included energy drinks and 60 pounds of deer sausage.  As someone who has had to eat a half-frozen, half-lava vending machine burrito when his lunch was stolen from a communal refrigerator more than once, I support whatever punishment is meted out in this case, up to and including flogging.
  • From the "Hanging's Too Good" Department - A woman in California has admitted to stealing books and other materials from libraries and selling them on-line.  As someone who actually uses his library to find and read books (I know, who knew you could do that), I hope she spends her time on probation having to clean the bottom of an active cesspool.
  • From the "Qel Surpris" Department - Chelsea Clinton is expected to continue with her cub reporter gig at NBC News.  Why should she?  How many people do you know with absolutely no journalism experience who get a job on prime time TV with one of the major networks doing human interest stories while reading intro's and summation paragraphs from a teleprompter and woodenly taking part in chit chat with the anchor?  Critics have taken issue with the fluff pieces she's done, her inability to ask hard questions when doing interviews, her rather flat delivery, and question why she gets this plum job.  Let me think here.  Maybe it's because the media loves her mommy and daddy and want to make sure they stay on their good side.  Let's face it, if Ms. Clinton was doing what she was qualified to do, some poor soul currently running the Tilt-a-Whirl somewhere would be out of a job.  I look forward to the day when she's propped up by some Democrat machine or another and runs for office.  The debates alone would be worth the price of admission.


Old NFO said...

CC is 'qualified' by her parents... plain and simple...

Jennifer said...

I am part of an ensemble of ladies that sing at our annual Christmas party. We rewrite traditional Christmas songs with our own creative lyrics. I wrote the office food thief song to the tune of favorite things. I've got a recording of it somewhere. It's a huge pet peeve of mine. Generally, I'm bringing my lunch because the budget doesn't have room for me to buy a lunch. If someone steals it, I go hungry. I've been known to put together special meals just for a food thief.

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