Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making your own luck

A Louisville Metro policeman probably owes his life to luck and good training:

The police badge Officer Washington was wearing actually deflected one of the bullets. That, combined with the fact that he was wearing a protective vest, kept his injuries from being much worse.
 I didn't know this, but LMPD doesn't require patrolmen to wear a vest all the time.  Officer Washington was trained to wear it in school, so he got in the habit of doing something smart that wasn't absolutely required.  That probably saved his life last night.

I'm Scandinavian enough to believe in luck.  But I'm enough of a realist to believe that we usually make our own luck.  You put on your seat belt, make sure your kids are belted into car seats, do a chamber check on your firearm before you put it in the holster, and a myriad of other things every day that if they're ever needed, someone is going to say "You were lucky you did X this morning.".

I'm glad Officer Washington is alive, and yeah, he got lucky when a wildly fired shot hit him in the badge and the vest.  But his training and good sense made his luck much more potent.  We can all learn from that.

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