Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Name of the Day

In Arizona, a man has been charged with a raft of crimes.  While what he is accused of is pretty ordinary, his name stands out:  Nubian T. Amon-Ra.

Someone please tell me that his mother didn't do that to him, and for the love all that is holy, please tell me that the 'T' stands for 'Tutankhamun'.  Just how big an ego do you need or how much weed do you have to smoke in order to consider changing your name to copy an ancient Egyptian god?

Maybe it's his secret identity, like in Batman. We could have a whole pantheon of arch-criminals named after gods:

  • Apollo - An athletic, attractive young man who uses his charms to get into the checking accounts of rich women.  His female counterpart could be Aphrodite, who would do the same thing to older men.  Heck, they could be in a friendly competition to see who can steal the most money from the richest people.
  • Thor - A bank robber who uses a gigantic hammer to just bash in the door on the vault rather than bother with what's in the teller's drawer.
  • Mercury - A lightly built man who runs numbers faster than anyone else.
  • Cthulhu - A big scary guy who runs protection rackets against whole continents
Heck, maybe we're looking at a public display of an entire underworld here.


Irish said...

Good morning DaddyBear:

Here is another great name, whether real or not is to be determined.


(explanation here)

Miguel said...

Name and Picture.

WARNING, it may burn corneas

Auntie J said...

I used to work as a customer service rep for a chain store credit card. I saw some weird names there. In fact, to amuse myself, I kept a list.

My favorite, though, was when a woman sent in her statement stub with her name change. She'd gotten married. Her maiden name was Przynszki. Her husband's name was Wroblewski. She wanted it hyphenated.

Took up every space I had in the field to put in those two last names (with a space in place of the hyphen, because it was an alpha-only field).

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