Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thoughts on the Weekend

  • There is no quicker way for a wife to get her husband's attention than for her to go to the basement and then shout from the bottom of the stairs "Honey?  Where's the Saws-All?".
  • When you tell your lovely wife you want to wait to do work in the basement until the renovation of the bathroom closet she's in the middle of is finished, you should plan to spend half your Saturday pulling down plaster, metal lath, and two-by-fours that are older than you are.
  • You always find the breathing masks 10 minutes after you finish inhaling all that plaster dust.
  • It is indeed not necessary to use a reciprocating saw to demo a bathroom closet.  
  • Corollary:  Insisting that getting the reciprocating saw out of the basement is not necessary means you will tear it all out by hand with your wife making suggestions.
  • It is physically impossible to keep a band-aid on a cut in the palm of your hand from a pry bar.
  • The formula for a good afternoon does not include putting your youngest son in a headlock so that the barber can finish the haircut he's halfway through.
  • Mark your  calendars.  Today I got to watch all four quarters of a football game.  Of course, I missed the overtime, but I'll take what I can get.
  • Prepping Fail:  Noting that you are going to be getting some pretty bad weather, you check the preparations for tornadoes and power outages.  You turn on the battery operated radio, and the batteries are dead.  You go to the supply cabinet, and you have no D cell batteries.  So, instead of watching the overtime of said football game, you get to drive through the rain to Superdoopermegamart to purchase a pack of batteries.  Note to self - Order a case of D batteries.


Bryan Reavis said...

I guess the three "B's" have become the four "B's".

ZerCool said...

I've put batteries in our commonly-used sizes on Subcribe-and-Save from Amazon. Every X months, fresh batteries arrive. It's *brilliant*.

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