Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aw Crap!

Looks like there won't be any pictures of Ma Deuce, Civil War cannon, and shopping at the best gun show I've ever been to this spring.  Knob Creek has announced that due to flooding and damage to the bridge to the range, they are canceling their spring machine gun shoot.

We've been getting a lot of rain here in IndiUcky, and the creek gets over their bridge every so often.  Basically, the Ohio River backs up into its tributaries when there's a lot of rain in the area, and KCR's bridge is only a couple of miles from where the creek empties into the river.  Apparently this time their bridge got damaged badly enough that they don't want to plan on having it fixed by April.  When they open back up, I'll go back out and get the straight skinny on what happened.

Hopefully they get this taken care of soon.  I want to go out and see how that new '03 does and my Mosin is starting to feel unloved, and KCR is a small business.  Taking weeks or months off with no business and having such a large event cancelled can't be good for their bottom line.

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