Saturday, January 7, 2012


A man in Florida decided to make a fashion statement by wearing a special shirt to court.  The shirt in question had a cartoon with the directions for making crack cocaine on it.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am awed by the genius it takes to go to court on drug trafficking charges wearing such apparel.  It takes some kind of stupid to think that this was a good look.

Other bad fashion ideas:

  • Eric Holder wearing an "I heart Tijuana!" tee shirt to testify before Congress
  • Bill Clinton wearing a suit made out of Playboy centerfolds to a NOW convention
  • Lady GaGa wearing a meat suit worn to the vegan love-in
  • Barack Obama wearing a Malcolm X hat to golf at Augusta


Anonymous said...

It's safe to say the guy with the Crack t-shirt wasn't the brightest bulb.

Old NFO said...

Thimk... Yep, it's a lost art... :-)

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Or Ken Melson wearing this shirt

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