Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Light in the Dark

Today is the one year anniversary of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and several others in Tucson by a madman.  Said madman chose to make his entrance onto the world stage by shooting up a group of innocent people, and the anti-rights blood dance began shortly thereafter.  The latest spasm from the other side of the gun rights debate has been a movement to hold a candlelight vigil against violence today.

Now, if someone wants to light a candle to remember someone, then I will be the first to make room for you at the kneeling rail.  When you use something that's usually as personal and beautiful as that to make a political point while standing in the blood of children, well, I'm not so quick to support you.

Weer'd Beard had a good idea.   Madmen, criminals, and tyrants don't go away because of good thoughts.  They are held at bay by men and women who arm themselves and protect us all.  He suggested that those of us who take our self defense in our own hands light our own candles and show the tools we carry to make ourselves better able to defend ourselves.

Here's mine:

This little light of mine
CZ-82, 9x18mm, Hornady Defense
Taurus Model 85, .38, Federal NyClad Hollowpoints

Because good thoughts and a weapon make you safer than good thoughts alone.

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Keads said...

Indeed Sir! Nice Pic and handsome Pistols!

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