Friday, January 20, 2012

Blogs Roundup

  • Robb does a review of a holster maker in my neck of the woods.  I'll have to stop by and give his wares a look.
  • Flier389 relates a great story of an encounter he had with a mama bear and her cubs once upon a time.
  • Mr.G's has a great write up on gun control and how it seeks to make slaves of free men.
  • Warning, this post from Auntie J. is sweet enough to make you adjust your insulin.
  • TinCan Assassin is going to have a lot of fun raising his daughter.  The force is strong with this one.  
  • Shepherd K. has good news about his new little one, and learns the parent's lesson of "If you build it, they will spew upon it".  I would have commented with some words of encouragement, but didn't see a comment link.
  • DefenseTech has a quick write-up on a concept design for a stealthy military cargo plane.  Looks neat, but my totally non-flying self has to ask why you would need a fleet of cargo aircraft to replace the C-5 that use technology designed to make bombers survivable over an area defended by a sophisticated anti-air infrastructure.  I could see having a few for dropping supplies behind the lines or dropping in paratroopers covertly, though.
  • Big Hollywood is reporting that some of the big Obama contributors in Hollywood are pulling their support of the President after he came out against SOPA and PIPA.  Gee, that's too bad.


Daddy Hawk said...

DaddyBear, thanks for the link. I'm not sure what happened on your end, but the comments are there. Also, the corollary to the "build/spew" rule is the "build/pee" rule. That little girl has an amazing bladder capacity. Maybe I should hire her out to the diaper companies to test "super absorbancy."

DaddyBear said...

Wasn't calling you out Shepherd. Problem is probably on my end. Oh, and yeah, they do that. If she were a boy, it would have both volume and direction.

Daddy Hawk said...

DaddyBear, no problem.. I wasn't feeling called out. As to volume and direction, my mother found out the hard way that M&M is in training for the peeing or distance championships.

45er said...

Ha! I was lucky through two kids not to be targeted by the undiapered stream. The wife, on the other hand, was anointed regularly.

Auntie J said...

Awww, I made one of your Roundups! How cool is that. Thanks.

TinCan Assassin said...

Wow! Thank you for the link, DB!

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