Friday, March 19, 2010

Good name for a team

Bad Ass of the Week has profiled a little cutie called the "Honey Badger" this week.  Basically, if you gave a rabid Rottweiler PCP and then electro-shocked him into a frenzy, it'd be this little puffball.

Favorite Quote:

He's a brutal, vicious killer who kicks asses, never backs down, never registers fear, destroys everything in its path and then adorably trots off into the sunset with his prey in his teeth and the severed nutsacks of his enemies still gripped between his dagger-like claws.
 Several  of my favorite sports teams, including the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux are being pressured to change their names because they might be deemed as offensive.  I say that if the NCAA wants to force a school to change the name of their team after decades of use, then I say using an animal that uses its teeth to de-nut his opponents would be a good choice for a new mascot.

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