Saturday, March 6, 2010

The continuing saga of Captain Dumbass and the Boy Blunder

Two more "accidents" in which animals in cages have caused grave bodily harm to morons who stick parts of their bodies too close to the bars.

In the first case, a woman in Wisconsin lost part of her hand when she reached through warning barriers and bars to try to feed two bears.  Her husband was also bitten when he tried to help her.  I don't ding him in the least for his injuries.  That's kinda the point of being a husband, to put yourself in danger if something or someone attacks your wife.  But this woman, who had her grandchild along to see the whole thing, is to blame for the entire incident.  Oh well, this is how therapists stay in business.

Authorities say that alcohol may have been involved.  No fooling?

Another woman in Florida lost her thumb when a jaguar bit it off.  Again, she put her hand in the cage.  In this case, she was visiting a private animal sanctuary, not a zoo.  The proprietor of the sanctuary has been cited for not having warnings and barriers up, but in her defense, warnings and barriers can't prevent a case of the galloping stupids.

Both stories say that the animals involved probably won't be euthanized.  Good.  It's not the animals' fault that their mommies never told them not to put their hands into an animal's cage.  Like Chris Rock said when discussing Siegfried and Roy, that tiger didn't go crazy, that tiger went tiger.  You can't expect a wild animal to not react non-violently to morons getting their booger-hooks within reach of claws and teeth.

In both of these cases an adult, who is entrusted by society with driving a car, purchasing and using firearms, and raising children, was dumb enough to think it would be a good idea to put their hand into an enclosure that contained a large predatory carnivore.  People like this don't belong at the top of the food chain, and shouldn't be allowed to swim in the gene pool.

Are we protecting the stupid too much? Will the human race become dumber as time goes on because we do too much to protect the idiots from their own idiocy?  Stupidity is supposed to be fatal, but we may be messing with that natural selection thing a bit here.

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