Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Stopped by Walmart on the way home tonight and after picking up a couple of things I made my usual stroll through sporting goods.

Usually their ammo display is pretty bare. All that's been available are shotgun shells and the high end expensive
hunting ammo.

Tonight they were fully stocked. They had .22 30-06 .308 you name it. And lots of it.

I asked the clerk if a truck had just come in. He said they'd been stocked for a couple of days.

When I picked up the Garand from the gunsmith he had .45 .38 and even some .380. He was expecting to sellout that day, but thought he'd get more in this week.

Is the great ammunition drought finally letting up? I hope so. It is distracting to go to the range and do the math in your head to figure out what percentage of your stock you're making go bang. If supply goes up, maybe prices will go down a little and shooting won't be such an expensive hobby.

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