Friday, July 17, 2009

I am a bonehead of legendary proportions

We spent this evening getting ready to go on a family mini-vacation. We got the snacky smores and fizzy pop for the trip. I had printed off our reservations and directions to our destination. The Irish Woman and Girlie Bear were packing for the trip.

Then I took a good hard look at the reservations.

I noticed that the date we had reserved and pre-paid for was identical to the date I had made the reservations on. Months ago.

A quick call to our reservation had us down as having reservations back in June, and they are full up this weekend.

We were able to get our payment transferred to a reservation two weeks from now. So we will still go on our little vacation.

But I am officially an idiot. And an idiot in the doghouse for the next couple of weeks to boot.

I'm going to go eat some more crow and go to bed.

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