Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Thoughts

On this day in 1776, the Founding Fathers went public with their intentions to rebel against the rule of the British crown. They were playing against long odds, and they all knew it.

Failure would have meant death at the end of a long drop at the gallows. This wasn't going to be a peaceful change of leadership. They knew that many would be killed, and even more would be destroyed economically and socially.

They were wealthy landowners that were risking their fortunes and lives. They were slave holders who believed in personal liberty and freedom. They were of many faiths, and came from many backgrounds. They were imperfect, but they could imagine a perfection of society that we still strive for.

They weren't a monolithic revolutionary council. There would be plenty of intrigue and back biting throughout the revolution, and it comes through to this day. There would be political wrangling and betrayal from that day until the last of the British and Hessian soldiers had left.

Our experiment in a revolutionary type of social contract continues. Sometimes we stumble on our path, but we always find our way back. Sometimes we stumble too far to the right, and sometimes too far to the left. But we keep working towards the realization of our ideals as a people.

The nations of the world have come to our country since 1776. Our understanding of equality and freedom has evolved, but it is grounded in the actions and beliefs of those men in Philadelphia.

It falls to us, their heirs, to continue the experiment and work to perfect our union.

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