Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deadliest Catch

The Irish Woman is in the other rook watching "The Deadliest Catch". It's one of the few programs she makes a point of watching. She even watches the "extra" programming, like behind the scenes stuff and interviews. She comments that the Scandinavian fishermen remind her of me. Not sure where that comes from. I'm as far from rugged as they come.

I watched the first season and it was interesting. God love them, those guys work in dangerous and miserable conditions so that I can have crab legs ony birthday.

But I lost interest early in the second season. I still watch a bit with Irish Woman every so often. But how many times can you feel tension about crustaceans?

I grew up watching Norwegians fishing so maybe that's why I don't find it that entertaining

Soon football season will start and she will surrender control of the cable box. So I let her watch her program in peace.

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