Friday, July 31, 2009

An Open Letter to The NFL

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have watched professional football since I realized what the television was for. I have worked long and strange hours in bad parts of the world so that I could get to the MWR tent to see the game.

All these years I have made football my fall and winter hobby. I have shared my love of the game with my children and now a new generation enjoys watching football.

When the horrific acts of Michael Vick came to light I took heart when the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons dropped him like a hot rock. A lot of players have broken the law and seemed to incur any consequences.

Now you have chosen to reinstate this person who financed gambling and murdered the dogs he lost money on.

My estimation of the NFL has fallen to a new low.

If any team picks up Michael Vick, I will boycott that team as long as he is on the payroll. This includes the playoff and the Superbowl. I will work to influence my family and friends to take similar actions.

Please reconsider your decision to let this individual play.


A Lifelong Fan

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