Monday, January 26, 2009

Guantanamo Prisoners at Alcatraz?

Over the weekend, it was suggested that any Gitmo prisoners who can't be returned to their home countries be put on a newly re-opened penitentiary at Alcatraz, smack dab in the middle of San Fransisco Bay and Nancy "The Joker" Pelosi's congressional district.

While the idea was quickly belittled and taken for the joke it was, I'm not so sure that this isn't such a bad thought.

It would give a boost to the local economy as new facilities would have to be constructed out on the island. And when the prison is built, staffed, and manned, then supplies needed for the haute cuisine the detainees have grown accustomed to would have to be brought out daily. The seafood and rice pilaf can't be made from shelf stable or frozen food. Only the freshest arugula will do for these guys.

And the hippies in San Fransisco and Berkeley won't have to get special flights to the Carri bean to inspect the facility and determine if it fits in with the groovy new idea they have for accommodating these killers, er I mean, poor men who have been taken from their homelands by an uncaring imperialist government.

And all of this can be done in the political backyard of the Speaker of the House. Let her and her constituents come to learn how nice it is to have a group consisting of terrorists living a few miles from their bay view homes.

This idea gets better and better the more I think about it.

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Anonymous said...

I think they should just use Nancy's home in Marin County. It's a rather large compound. The overflow could go to Fienstien's home, Boxer's, and the the rest of the California's idiot patrol that see fit to run around the Capital spewing thier jibberish as if they look like doing somthing. It's like watch some kids play rockem'-sockem' boxing without the figurines.

Plus this new admin is so niave that it's juist chasing it's tail. They decided to closedown a militay POW camp and are pretty much gauranteeing that none of these monsters are going to trial. Only a military court has the capacity to try these cases. But the Liberals have thier heads so far up their ***es the need a windoe to see out of thier belly button!

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