Saturday, January 10, 2009

Football picks for this weekend

Getting in just under the wire for these. Hopefully, I'll be home in time for the early games both days. I'm taking Girlie Bear to the movies this afternoon and I'm working tomorrow morning.

So here we go:

Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans - This one is a tough one, so it should be an enjoyable game to watch. The Titans have a great offense, and the Ravens have a great defense. I see the Ravens winning this one.

San Diego Chargers and the Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers. Totally sentimental pick, but I have gut feeling about this one.

Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants - I like the Giants, but I think Philadelphia is peaking at just the right time. Philadelphia wins this one.

Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers - Carolina, but not for any good reason other than the Cardinals don't do so well on the road.

Hopefully, I'll do better than 2 and 2 like I did last weekend.

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