Thursday, January 8, 2009

9 years old and already kicking butt

H/T to Laurel at Politics, Guns, and Beer

A young man in Bakersfield CA was walking down the street with a young lady. The young lady was walking her small dog. Said ankle biter is jumped on by a pit bull. Young lady tries to defend ankle biter, pit bull attacks young lady.

Young man does not run away. He does not freeze. He jumps on the back of the pit bull and puts it in a choke hold he learned at jiu jitzu class. His actions prevent further injury to the young lady and he restrains the dog until the authorities get there to take control of it.

And the ankle biter survived.

Pure balls.

To stay calm enough to apply something he learned in a class against an animal he's never even practiced fighting is amazing for anyone, much less a boy who's 5 years too young to shave.

Good on ya, son!

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