Saturday, March 19, 2011

War In Libya

The United States, in concert with European allies, has begun attacking the Libyan government of Qaddafi.

Donald Sensing does a better job than I can expressing reservations about the justification, limits, and goals of this action.

I will only add that if the President doesn't call a joint session of Congress in the next 48 hours and get a congressional resolution authorizing the use of force without a clear and present danger to the country, then he may be in trouble with the War Powers Act. It's possible that he wants a showdown over the Act, which limits his power, but it's also possible that he believes that it's irrelevant.  If he takes the latter position, then the legal and constitutional wrangling could get interesting.

While I question this action by our government, I will be keeping the airmen and sailors of our country and our allies in my thoughts and prayers.  You're not going to see me or people like me standing outside of an air force base or military hospital protesting the bombardment of Libya, even though I disagree with the President.


Old NFO said...

Please do DB, but then we've both been there...

MrG's said...

if he blows off the war powers act like the ruling against obummercare, then we will have grounds for impeachment, but that will never happen because the people in D.C. are more concerned about politics than the rule of law.

KurtP said...

It's 0bama- they'll blow it off like every other illegal thing he's done.

Because neither party wants to be tarred by the media that got him elected as ,,,mean to the negro.

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