Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dumbass of the Day

A man in Orlando, Florida, decided to protest the service at a local Denny's restaurant by touching off three rounds from his Ruger .22 handgun. While arresting this rocket scientist, police found marijuana in his Escalade.

Just how wrong can you be?

  • First, a gun is not the tool used to protest bad service at the restaurant.  Your cell phone or computer will do a much better job.  
  • Second, possession of a firearm by someone who uses marijuana is illegal as day old sin.  
  • Third, who carries a .22 pistol in their car?  I can see carrying a .22 rifle  if the Escalade in question is a farm truck, which I sincerely doubt, but a .22 pistol?  What's the guy doing, going to the local landfill to shoot rats?

I'd like to thank this waste of of a  good blastocyst for tarring those of us who responsibly own, carry, and utilize firearms with the same brush as will be used on his ignorant self.  There's nothing like having crap like this thrown in your face when you're trying to explain why private ownership and carriage of guns isn't a bad thing.

In an editorial note, kudos to the UPI for correctly identifying the gun part as a "magazine" rather than as a "clip".  Maybe we're getting through to the press on at least using the correct terms.

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Old NFO said...

Sigh... That one's gonna come back on us for sure...

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