Sunday, March 27, 2011

Job of the Day

Wayward Cobra Catcher - The successful applicant will be placed in a building believed to contain a missing African cobra and charged with the task of re-capturing the serpent and returning it to its enclosure.

Question - Who does the zoo director or head herpetologist send in to catch the cobra?   Does he or she risk injury to a valuable experienced crew member, or do you just line up four or five red-shirted interns and have them take turns at cobra wrangling?

Question The Second - Assuming that the interns are used, what incentive do you give college students to put on the "snake proof" suit and head in?  Do you buy pizza and soda for the post-snake party?  Maybe promise to donate a keg to their end of semester party?  Or do you think "If you survive, I'll make sure to give you a glowing personnel review" would work?


Christina LMT said...

Stupidheads...the article reads "poisonous". That should be "venomous!"

And I would totally do it, assuming they have some antivenin on hand!

DaddyBear said...

Not a chance. The only manner in which I would capture a cobra would be with a mop after multiple applications of 12 gauge ammunition.

Julie said...

Now this is where you need those indian guys i saw on tv the other day. They catch rats & cobras ... with great success.

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