Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quote of the day

For the sake of the diversity committee, I would like to point out that Captain Donna Buono is a woman, and a helicopter pilot, so the US Army is doing it's best to ensure that women get their chance to grind the Taliban to dust and hammer the ashes into oblivion.  Never let it be said that Deebow is not in support of hot Army chicks of any color using state of the art ordnance to poophammer the beJesus out of those that would keep their fine forms in a burkha...  You go Captain Buono...

Deebow, over at Blackfive, discussing the use of close air support in Afghanistan.

I heartily agree. I love a woman in uniform.  If she can look good in BDU's, then she'll melt the sidewalk in a dress.  And a woman who can rain death and destruction from the sky gets extra hawtness points.

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