Friday, July 23, 2010


To the person or persons who have been paging me to an unlisted data connection in Bullitt County, live in fear.  Someday, I will find you and you will suffer.

To the man in Thornton's today who had his ear gauged big enough to fit 12 gauge shells through the holes, you should fear the following two phrases:  "reconstructive surgery" and "professional job interview".

To the wonderful person who figured out that if you took dark roasted coffee, ground it up into little bitty teensy weensy pieces, packed it into a cookie full of win, and then shot hot water and steam through it you get the sweet nectar of life, may the caffeine gods forever bless you.

To the sweet automotive angels that got that frayed wire on the van to poke my finger last weekend, allowing me to find the cause of my problems with that vehicle, bless you.  It's been Africa hot here in Kentucky lately, and having air conditioning has kept me from breaking some or more of the vehicular manslaughter laws.
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