Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She's a Keeper

This weekend was extraordinary because I am married to an extraordinary woman.

On Friday, Irish Woman went with her girlfriends to Hullabalou, a music festival with multiple groups performing.  She says she really enjoyed Train and Bon Jovi.  Of course, if she could get enough plastic surgery and hair color into me, I'd look like Bon Jovi, so I'm not surprised.  She got home at about midnight, and seemed completely exhausted.

On Saturday morning, I got up early and went to McDonalds to get breakfast.  By the time I got home, she was up and cleaning the house.  Later, we went to Sam's Club for our monthly supply run, and instead of heading immediately over to the groceries, she went over to the LCD and plasma TV's and started asking me which ones I liked and why.

After we had gotten our groceries and taken them home, she started cooking.  Rather than just splitting up the bulk meat and freezing it, she cooked several meals with it, split those up, and then froze the meals.  She and I went to the peach tree in our back yard and picked a bushel of peaches.  Irish Women then blanched, peeled, sliced, prepared, and froze 8 quarts of peaches.  She also made me a very delicious peach cobbler to go with the boneless pork ribs in homemade bourbon barbecue sauce she made.

Sunday morning I stuck my head out the door, decided it was too hot for yard work, and headed back into the house.  Irish Woman got herself out the door and did the yardwork, even after I protested that it was too hot and sticky to be working outside.  She didn't just mow the grass.  She mowed, edged, weed-whacked, and raked the yard.

After coming in bright red and weakly sweating, she drank a quart of Gatorade and then started in on the house.  I had been working on some small stuff while chasing BooBoo, but she took over and hit it hard.

Overall, Irish Woman spent the weekend busting her tail.  I figured she would have been too tired after all day and night in the heat at the concert, but she seemed to be energized by it.

Overall, I'd say I'm a very fortunate man.


Shannon said...

I'd say that 'extraordinary' is an understated title, but then again, she obviously busts her tail for a reason...sounds like she thinks you're hot stuff too.

By the way - if you tout your lush Kentucky home grown produce one more time, I'm going to pitch a prickly pear at you. :-)

DaddyBear said...

Let's hope so, Shannon!

That is one thing that would make me pause before moving back to Arizona. Kentucky sure is green! I'd have to get some land up in a canyon with a stream like we had at Huachuca. Irish Woman wouldn't make it if she couldn't grow something!

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