Saturday, March 20, 2010

Small World

I was listening to Vicious Circle this afternoon, and Christina mentioned that she went to DLI for Korean in '89 and '90.   I was at DLI during that time for Russian.  Small world.

The military community is small, and military linguists are even smaller.  We all tend to be stationed in the same places, get the same assignments, do the same tasks, and meet over and over again.

I run into someone I knew in the military every so often.  We spend a few minutes catching up and refreshing our knowledge of how mutual friendships are doing.  There are promises to keep in touch, and sometimes they are even kept.

I suppose any group of people is like that.  If you went to a university, you have a group of people that you knew through school that you run into and remember.  But the relationships I made in the military are the closest I've ever met.  I have a group of friends that I haven't seen since I left Arizona a decade ago, and I still remember that it's my turn to buy a round next time we get together.

So, here's to old friends and comrades, wherever they may be.  And here's to the small world of friends that we all have.

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