Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just a damn shame

Got a call this afternoon from Girlie Bear.  She was spending the weekend with her mom.  Seems that she and Little Bear were wrestling, and their dog Buddy decided to get into the act.  Unfortunately, Buddy is a nipper, and decided to nip Girlie Bear in the arm.  The bite broke the skin, and when she or the dog tried to pull away, the wound tore.  Buddy's caught up on his shots, and he's not vicious.  He's just poorly trained and got carried away.

I ran over there to check it out, and took Girlie Bear for 3 stitches.  She was a trooper and didn't cry until her mom told her that she was taking the dog to the pound.

I asked Girlie Bear's mom to take Buddy to a no-kill shelter so that he could be better trained and adopted out, but I'm not hopeful.  She called the Shamrock Foundation, which is the agency we adopted Timmy from, but they won't take a dog who bites.  There are others, but since it's easier for her to just call the pound and have him carted off, I'm pretty sure that's what she'll do.  One of her neighbors does animal rescue work, and she says she'll also talk with her, but my gut tells she'll just send him off to the pound.  Hopefully he'll be adopted out from there, but they'll only keep him for a few days before euthanizing him.

I'd take the dog myself, but we're full up.  All of our family and friends are too.

Like the title says, this is just a damn shame.  Buddy is a good pet to Girlie Bear and Little Bear, but he hasn't been trained properly not to nip.  Now, because his owner didn't take the time to train him, he's losing a good home with two kids that he loves and that love him and will end up in a shelter.  The best thing that could happen for him is to get adopted and trained.  I'm going to hope that that will happen, because it upsets me to think of his end if he's not lucky.  People who don't treat their animals right and discard them when they become inconvenient just get under my skin.  People should treat the things in their life as if they mattered, not as if they're disposable.  A person who gets rid of a pet when they become difficult will get rid of a spouse or child when they become inconvenient.

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