Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Shooter

Irish Woman went to the range today for a beginner pistol class.

A friend of ours loaned me his Ruger Security Six for her to use, but the range provided Ruger .22 pistols. That was probably a better choice, but I thought that putting .38 rounds in the .357 would also give her a good experience.

She said she was a bit intimidated, and acknowledges that she needs a lot of practice with semi's and double action revolvers.  But she was able to pinpoint places where she needs practice, and has decided that she needs to go to a gun store and try on pistols to fit her small hands. 

She seems to have enjoyed herself, and is agreeable to doing it more.  I'll take her to my gun store one of these weekends and let her figure out what she likes.

And her shots got better as the class went on.

Her first few shots were off, but still hit the paper.  As you can see, her last 10 or so chewed up the X ring.  Not bad for a first time shooter at 15 feet.

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