Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here's an idea

Saw this link on BlackfiveKim Zigfield over at Pajamas Media has an excellent write-up on why the United States should not send soldiers to march in Red Square on the 65th anniversary of VE day.

I have to say, I agree with her.  By appearing with Putin's government like this, we give his actions legitimacy.

But if we are going to send troops to march in front of a pro-Communist, former KGB agent who actively planned the destruction of US forces in West Germany, then I suggest a subtle snub go along with it.

In order to let the people who oppose the neo-communist regime in Moscow know we stand with them, we should send elements of the 27th Infantry Regiment to march.  You see, the 27th is known as the "Wolfhounds", a nickname they were given by Russian Bolsheviks they fought in Siberia during the Russian Civil War.  They can even bring along their Russian Wolfhound mascot.

What better way to appear at this event and still give a boost to those in Russia who want to continue down the road to freedom than to send a unit that spent most of its rich history fighting Communists?

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