Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My morning jog

Yesterday morning, after everyone had gone off to work or school, I put on my sneakers and took our two labs out to the 1/2 acre they enjoy as their play yard.  Since I was only going to be out for a few minutes, I went out in a tee shirt and a pair of pajama pants.

Plans for coming back in and getting ready for work were thwarted when Bluegrass slipped her leash and took off like her butt was on fire.

For the next 1/2 hour, I tried to catch up to her.  She would run for a while, then stop to sniff whatever needed sniffing.  When she noticed that I was within 10 feet of her, she'd take off again.  Kind of like the "Fox and Hounds" runs I remember hating when I was in the Army.

Imagine if you will, a yellow labrador retriever running through a neighborhood, being pursued by a spitting mad Norwegian wearing old tennis shoes, checkered flannel pajama pants, and a ratty old tee shirt and shouting "Blue, come here Blue!".

Blue eventually made her way back to our house, and waited patiently for me to catch up before nuzzling my hand.  "Aren't I a good girl?  I came home.   Can I have a bone?"

I bit my tongue, praised her for coming home, and took her out back to spend the day with Shadow.

I then took my bruised public image in, got ready for work, and headed in.  I haven't run that much since I left Fort Campbell.  And I don't plan on doing it again soon. 

As for the dog, she is getting a new, tighter collar and will be on a much shorter leash.  But she is a good girl for coming home rather than running out into traffic.


Julie said...

lol .. let me know if the video makes it to youtube

v.w. hunksly ... not sure if that's an adequate description of you in your pjs

DaddyBear said...

No, no video. Luckily, no one was at home, so no incriminating pictures.

Hardly an image that I want to have for my grandchildren.

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