Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Enough to make me ill

Watched the health care bill signing/victory lap/pep rally this afternoon during lunch.  It was bad enough to make me leave my dessert behind.  Even if it's crap, it's still history if for no other reason that it's the moment when the country started accelerating it's trip down the septic tube.

First, Joe "Foot-in-Mouth Disease" Biden got up and publicly fellated the president for all of the "hard work" that he had put in ramming through an unpopular, unworkable piece of legislation.  He then hugged the President and dropped the F-bomb before fading back into the furniture like the good little comedy relief he is.

Then the President got up and thanked all of the members of the Eleventy-First Congress who signed their political death warrants by voting for this piece of dreck.  He singled out "Dingy" Harry Reid and Nancy "The Joker" Pelosi as the best congressional leadership the universe has ever seen. It's good to see that medical marijuana use isn't restricted to just the terminally ill, but also the terminally narcissistic.  He then talked about how hard it had been to buck the will of the people who elected him in order to fulfill all of the freshman political science wet dreams he'd had while snorting coke at college.

There were multiple interruptions of his ex-cathedra pronouncements on how this was going to fix all of the problems in the world by the assembled masses clapping and calling for his immediate crowning and canonization.  It reminded me of the old films of the Soviet Congresses during the Stalin era, where those who didn't clap long or hard enough were escorted out of the Kremlin and taken to the Lubyanka. 

After signing the miscarriage of the public good, he glad handed all of the assembled drones and I tuned out.

It was about the weakest example of statesmanship I've ever seen.  So much for reaching across the aisle and trying to mend fences with the opposition.  So much for the dignity of the law making process.  And so much for my hope that any meaningful work will get done by this government until after the November elections.

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