Saturday, September 5, 2009

He got off light

The pig eyed sack of chicken waste that raped and murdered a teenage girl in Iraq after killing the rest of her family has been given several lifetime sentences to sit and think about what he did. Of course, he's showing no real remorse and blames the Army on him leaving his post, killing a family, and raping a woman before he killed her.

He's lucky he didn't go before a military jury. Military juries, especially if an enlisted person requests that other enlisted personnel be on his jury, are very hard on people who desert their post in wartime to commit rape and murder. Interestingly enough, enlisted personnel tend to be harder on other enlisted's than a panel purely of commissioned officers are.

This filth is an insult to every honorable person who ever wore the uniform. He got off light.

This idiot ought to have his Achilles tendons cut, then after he heals, he ought to be left alone and unguarded in the town he committed his crime in. Let the chips fall where they may after that.

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