Thursday, February 12, 2009

What the !#!%#$% part 1

Saw this at iFeminists, and had to read the article.

A Japanese company has put together a video game where the protagonist gets points for stalking and raping women. The opening scenes apparently involves the stalking and assault on a woman and her two teenage daughters.

What exactly is wrong with people? Doesn't Amazon have people to take a good hard look at the products they sell? It took complaints from consumers to get them to drop the game from their offerings. One wonders how many copies of the game were sold before it was pulled.

I've played some pretty graphic video games over the years, but this crosses a pretty wide, bright line. And if this dreck is selling in Japan, I have to wonder what's going on in the Japanese collective psyche that something like this would be allowed on store shelves.

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