Monday, February 9, 2009

DaddyBear's Laws of Weekend Work

  • All that work you did to clean up the house on Saturday morning? You won't be able to see the difference by bedtime on Sunday.
  • That part you bought for your truck so it wouldn't stall out every time you took your foot off the gas? It's not the same as the one you pulled off the engine and a replacement won't be in until Tuesday.
  • Those metric wrenches you bought? No clue as to their whereabouts. Good luck using the crescent wrench on the bolts holding your throttle body on.
  • Yes, you need a haircut. No your barber isn't open on Sunday when it occurs to you that you should get one before work on Monday.
  • That server you're working on from the comfort of our living room? It's going to lock up sometime during its boot process when you can't SSH into it.
  • The remote console to said server? Guess what doesn't work tonight. Since you're going on-site anyway, just work the next 4 hours in the computer room. Did you remember to set your DVR for that show you wanted to watch?

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