Monday, February 9, 2009

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Over the weekend, an electrical outage at a pumping station caused the relase of almost 50000 gallons of sewage into a creek here in Louisville.

Hey, things happen. I'm not condemning anyone for a mechanical/electrical breakdown.

However, I'm not pleased by the response to it:

"Schardein says crews responded quickly to the call after, notice came in
over a central communication system between all treatment plants and pumping
stations. He says, "we got the warning on our computer screen about
3:15. We had a crew acted by 5 a.m."

So it took an hour and a half for someone to notice there was a problem, get a crew out to the site and get some sort of power going to get the discharge of effluvium to stop?

Pretty bad if you think about what that spill is doing to the people who live in that area. Yes, they say they don't smell anything, and I'm sure that MSD is doing everything they can to contain and clean up the mess. But an hour and a half to get on-site and do something when raw sewage is spilling into a neighborhood and a creek?

Glad to see my utility bill money is going towards something constructive.

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