Sunday, February 15, 2009

The weekend

Well, it's been a pretty good weekend.

Friday night was spent just relaxing. After I took Girlie Bear over to her mothers house for the weekend, Irish Woman and I spent a little time talking and then hit the sack early. We've both been on pager support this week, and we were bushed.

Saturday, we spent the morning doing a lot of housework. With us burning wood in the fireplace more, the house needed a good dusting, scrubbing, and airing out. Irish Woman went to get her hair done, and Baby Bear and I met her for an early lunch afterwords.

Saturday night one of the kids' aunts came over and sat with the baby while Irish Woman and I went out for an actual adult dinner at an actual sit down restaurant. We very rarely get a babysitter, and dinner was wonderful. Hint to Louisville diners: If you want to be seated at 7:30, make 7:00 reservations. We capped off the evening by visiting two of our friends for a couple of hours.

I got Irish Woman flowers delivered at her office and a nice card for Valentines Day, and I payed for her day at the stylist. For me, she got me a new Wii racing game and found two of the Wii Wheel attachments. We played it a bit this afternoon, and had a blast.

This afternoon, Junior Bear and I went down the street with the truck and picked up a load of wood from a downed oak tree one of our neighbors was cutting up. We'll go back and get more at some later date. It's nice having a working truck again.

It's been a great weekend and hopefully this bodes well for the week.

Next weekend, a bunch of my friends and I are going to go to a local range for a mass shoot-em-up. Really looking forward to that. We haven't done one of those in almost a year.

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