Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bad Week for Chase Bank

Chase Bank is really having a bad week.

First, they had one of their customers arrested after he tried to cash a check that Chase sent him because they thought it was fake.  Through a comedy of incompetence, Chase kept both the check and the money that backs it, the man lost his car after it was impounded and auctioned, and subsequently he lost his job.  He's of course gotten himself a lawyer, and I hope that the next few Chase branches that are opened are named "Ikenna Njoku's Big Building With Money".

Next, Chase somehow decided that one of their customers in Florida had died, sent a condolence letter to her family, and reported her passing on to the credit bureaus.  Even after the lady reported the error to Chase, her credit report still says she's dead, which is apparently causing issues.  Again, she's lawyered up, and I hope she's successful enough that the headquarters of Chase is renamed to "Wrenella Pierre Memorial Bank and Trust".

If I were Chase, I'd shut down all of the offices for a day or two, get everyone together, and remind them of Rule Number One:  "Don't Be F...ing Stupid!".  When a customer comes to you with a check from your own bloody bank, you cash it.  Maybe you make them put the money into an account if it's large and you want to be sure it's not a fake, but you accept your own bloody check.  Next, you don't unilaterally declare your customers dead.  When you think that one of your precious customers has passed away, you inquire with the family, then have them do the paperwork and such to take care of accounts.  And when you do screw up and mark one of your customers as deceased and they call you on it, you don't go home until everyone you've told about this has been told about the new information and corrects their records.

Come on guys, we gave you billions of dollars to keep the doors open.  You could at least try to act like a responsible adult.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, hope they pay out a LOT of $$ to both... sigh...

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