Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What he said

Ace of Spades has a good write-up on the speech that Prime Minister Netanyahu made to Congress.  In a nutshell, Israel is willing to work with the Arabs to create a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians must accept Israel's right to exist, and Israel will not retreat behind borders that would make it impossible for her to defend herself.

Israel is like any country in that it looks out for its own interests above all other considerations.  Usually that puts them into alignment with the United States, but not always.  There have been incidents that have shaken our relationship, but for the most part, Israel has stood with us.  Compare this with her opponents.  

Israel is closest thing to a democracy in the middle east.  The runner-up, Turkey, isn't even close.  While other countries in the region have wavered between indifference and outright hostility, Israel has been our ally.  We should support her as she tries to find a path to peace that is more than surrender.

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bluesun said...

Still waiting for a big ass car crash right now...

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