Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Republicans


It's that time again.  Politicians are making the fateful decision of whether or not to submit to the horrors of a primary fight for our parties nomination for president.  So far the field only contains one guy who catches my attention, and he probably won't get the nomination because he hasn't spent his life being a political hack.  Even though Obama's approval ratings are abysmal, I have no doubt that you all will choose someone who will not only step on his schwanz, but will bayonet it to the table during the campaign.

And don't give me the old line of "The party rank and file pick the nominee through the primary process".  Let's just be honest and admit that anyone who bucks the party leadership in any way will be eviscerated by the time the first primary rolls around.  Which means that anyone with a single libertarian viewpoint on anything has a snowballs chance in hell.

I'm tired of voting for whoever you guys support because it's his turn.  This time around I want to vote for someone, not against someone else.  I don't want a politician to be our nominee; I want a leader, a statesman.  So, how about you pull your collective thumbs out and give us some better choices?  Maybe if you actually encourage someone who truly believes in limited government, both in scope and power, thinks that any deficit spending is bad, and who wants to end government intrusion into citizens' lives we might have a chance to unseat the incumbent.  Or do you guys enjoy being the loyal opposition?


Old NFO said...

I'm about to register as an Independent... sigh...

Rau├░bjorn said...

Just admit it, voting for Cthulhu is starting to look better more and more.

DaddyBear said...

Yeah, better the evil we know and all that.

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