Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A bit windy

Just got to work and got a call from Irish Woman.  The line of storms that hit us knocked out power in our neighborhood, probably from either a downed power line or a blown transformer.  From her description of the bright light and loud humming sound, my bet is on the transformer.  The power company is aware, and is probably going to be quite busy for a while.

Last time this happened, it took 4 days.  We only got power after Irish Woman came home from a business trip to Cincinnati with a generator and I got it run up.  Half an hour after I turned the lights and refrigerators back on, the power was restored.

Update - Irish Woman just called and reported that the telephone pole down the street is on fire.  This could get interesting.

Further update - A very tired Irish Woman just told me the power came back on at about 3:30 AM.  I'll have to take a look at our roof and such when I get home to make sure we didn't take any damage she couldn't see in the dark.


Julie said...

Oooh hope it gets sorted quickly!

However since you now have a generator it's not that much of a hassle (i hope!).

Pretty much everyone in our suburb has a genny as the power goes out here weekly.

DaddyBear said...


Our generator is big enough to keep the freezer, refrigerator, TV, some lights, and a couple of fans going. One of my goals is to wire the house with a static transfer switch so that I hook the genset directly up to the house and run things without having to string extension cords. Plus that way I can wire the generator so that we can run the furnace during winter power outages. Either that or get one of the generators that automatically comes on and runs off the gas.

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