Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A good idea

A few weeks ago, I opined that I wanted to know how much of my gasoline purchase was going to the gas station and the petroleum company, and how much was going to Uncle Sugar.

Looks like the state of Tennessee was way ahead of me:

According to the attendant at the gas station, it's a statewide requirement.  While I still had to do the math to figure out how much I gave to the state and federal governments while filling up the truck, it's better than anywhere else I've been.


Old NFO said...

So I paid $7 and change out of the $96 bucks to fill the tank... sigh...

MrG's said...

Wish that they would do that in GA, it would focus the attention on the spending. Now I hear that the feds are considering an extra tax because of the loss of revenue because people are buying more fuel efficient cars. It never ends.

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