Sunday, May 29, 2011

Someone needs a hug

A man riding on the New York subway stripped down to his briefs and high heels and 'entertained' the crowd by riding one of the poles in the car.  While some found it to be entertaining, I'm guessing most thought it was a sign of psychosis.

Warning - I am not responsible for the sanity points you lose if you watch the video embedded in that article.

Now, I'm pretty open minded.  Everyone has hobbies or diversions to pass the time.  But a guy stripped down to black underwear and a pair of pumps swinging around on a dirty subway car pole is not how I keep my mind busy during a commute.  Maybe if this goofball wanted to make the ride a little better for his fellow subway riders, this gentleman could bring along some Lysol and a Swiffer and clean up the accumulated grime and other residues on every surface of the vehicle.  Heck for that, he might get the keys to the city.

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