Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No kidding

Rebels in western Libya are complaining that forces loyal to Qaddafi are shelling their supply lines.

Apparently General Faruk ibn Newbie hasn't read his Napoleon:
Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics.
Qaddafi may not be Montgomery, but he's no fool.  He knows that if the rebels keep bringing in supplies from outside the country, in addition to what NATO is handing them in both aid and airstrikes, he will eventually lose.  Losing for Qaddafi means he's a dead man, since there aren't too many places on the globe he can run to after a lifetime of pissing off the world in general.

So instead of letting himself be whittled away with the ammunition and guns that are coming across the border, he's shelling the road and border crossing to discourage their use.  Sounds to me like he's purchased a clue.

If the Libyan rebels want to start acting like soldiers, they might be able to do a little better against Qaddafi's forces.  If they want to continue to act like a bunch of weenies who raided the National Guard armory, they'll continue to be surprised when someone with a smidgeon more talent than them eats their lunch.

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