Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well, no kidding

Pakistan is apparently quite butt hurt over a perceived preference for India by U.S. when it comes to nuclear weapons.

Well, no kidding there, Sparky.  Let's break it down a bit:


  • Functioning Democracy
  • Trade Partner
  • Received $73.5 million dollars in aid from the U.S. in 2008
  • Actively works against Islamic terrorism, probably because it's been a target of it on multiple occasions
  • Has stopped nuclear testing
  • Hasn't given or sold nuclear technology to anyone
  • Dysfunctional quasi-democracy, sort of
  • Doesn't export much to us other than Khyber Pass Rifles and some tee shirts
  • Received $976.2 million dollars in aid from the U.S in 2008
  • Plays both sides of the fence in regard to Islamic terrorism.  Cashes our checks and promises to give us intel, but provides an entire province along its border with Afghanistan to the Taliban and Al Qaeda to act as a safe haven while its intelligence agency actively provides intel on our troops to terrorists.
  • Hasn't agreed to stop nuclear testing
  • Allowed one of their top nuclear scientists to sell "Nuclear Weapons for Dummies" to North Korea and whoever else could pay.
So you tell me, who should we be having cozier relations with?  A functional, productive democracy who is working with us against a common enemy, or a failing state that actively helps our enemies in their efforts to kill us and destabilize entire regions?

Someone needs to tell the Pakistani government that it's long past time for them to pick a side and stay on it.   Paying them off and treating them like grown-ups is tiresome and counterproductive.

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Old NFO said...

Got it in one... the nutshell comparison works!

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