Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beach People Give Up Large Calamari Dinner

A group of people in Florida helped a 3 foot long squid which had washed up on shore get back to deep water.  They all seemed very concerned for the delicious animal's well being, even quipping:

"He'll probably get eaten by a shark," Gorman said. "But I'd rather have (the squid) die in the ocean where it's supposed to."
 Mr. Gorman and his companions have obviously never had fried calamari as an appetizer, or fettuccini tossed with sauted squid, garlic, and white wine.  How we as a species stay at the top of the food chain sometimes escapes me.

These are the same kind of people who get upset that a dog gets into a park and takes out some of the flying vermin, and will try to chase the geese out of the canine avenger's path.  The people I hang out with get upset because the geese can't be cleaned, plucked, marinated, and roasted after Rover chews on them.

Personally, I would have used that cooler to ice the son of a gun down and get him home quickly so that he could be used as an organic meat supplement for the family dinner.  But that's just me.


Shannon said...

Hell. Yeah.

Julie said...

I'ld be doing that too ...

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