Monday, February 28, 2011

My Day So Far

04:45:00 - Lights in bedroom snap on.  Irish Woman yells "There's a tornado warning!"  Adrenaline takes over. 
04:45:05 - I pull on my clothes, wake up Girlie Bear, and tell her to get downstairs in the study with her bugout bag. 
04:45:30 - Girlie Bear is downstairs in the study with her BOB.  I am taking BooBoo out of his bed to take him downstairs.
04:46:00 - At the top of the stairs with BooBoo, I walk past the back door and notice that no warning sirens are going off.  We are exactly 300 yards as the crow flies from the siren.
04:48:00 - BooBoo is safely downstairs, still asleep.  Girlie Bear is still a little freaked, but is reading a novel.  Irish Woman is running through the house looking for things to pitch into the basement so they will survive the coming maelstrom. 
04:48:30 - Turn the television to our preferred local station.  The head weatherman, who normally works during the afternoon and early evening, is talking almost gleefully about the tornadoes in the area.  I now know why the sirens are not going off.  The funnel clouds and reported tornado touchdown are in the next county over.  To put that in definite terms, the closest any of the twisters come to our home is 20 miles.
04:50:00 - After reminding myself how much I love my wife, and what a wonderful life partner and mother to my children she is, and how fortunate I am to have her in my life, I 'calmly' inform Irish Woman that we are OK.  She comes in, sheepishly watches the weathercritter for a few moments, then admits that she may have overreacted. 
05:00:00 - The kids are back in bed. I am wired from the adrenaline rush, but can tell I'm going to crash at some point. Irish Woman is walking around clucking about how it's a good thing she moved out to the couch last night when I started snoring, or we could all be dead in our beds from a tornado.
05:15:00 - ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Since then, other than school being delayed a couple of hours because of a safety concern of sending school buses out in high winds, it's been a pretty standard Monday morning.  I'm going to chalk this up as a drill, and make adjustments accordingly. 


bluesun said...

Hmmmm... I like the mountains where I live. No tornadoes.

Old NFO said...

Look on the bright side, you got a practice session in, and probably learned a few things! (best I can come up with)...

Julie said...

"Make adjustments as necessary" .. I see step 1 as being "confirm threat" :)

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