Friday, February 18, 2011


A group of people at a Michigan Chuck E. Cheese restaurant had a wonderful time attending a child's first birthday party. When the check came, they taught the little ones in attendance a valuable life lesson:  How to dine and dash.

When their server presented them with the check, they stalled her for a few minutes and headed for the exits.  Police were called and have been able to track down at least one of the adults involved.

Real classy folks.  My guess is that the birthday child wasn't the only munchkin in attendance.  What a beautiful memory they will have of the time they got to do the 100 meter dash to the minivan after Mummsy and Daddsy decided to not pay for their pizza, cake, and ice cream.

As punishment, I'd make each and every one of these adults work a 12 hour shift bussing tables and mopping floors at that Chuck E Cheese.  Although even my hard heart might consider that cruel and unusual.  12 hours of bad pizza, screaming kids, clanging video games, and that infernal animatronic rodent would be enough to make me stick my head in the garbage disposal.


Old NFO said...

Put their asses in jail and take away the kids, you know they were on welfare anyway... sigh... NOT the first time this has happened...

DaddyBear said...

Sadly, no it's not. Where adults get the idea this doing such a thing is a good thing is beyond me. If you can't afford an expensive party at a restaurant, do something at home. If you can afford it, why run?

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