Friday, February 4, 2011

Tootin my own horn

Tam over at View From The Porch has been struggling to clear the demon ice from her sidewalk after the latest version of Snowmageddon hit her lovely home of Rosenholme in the wilds of Indiana.

I was inspired by her tale of woe to pen the following comment, and I'm so proud of it I'm reproducing it here:

OK, stop, she's choppin' and chippin'
Tam is out and she's got a mission
Something falls from the sky there nightly
Rosenholme is covered up in white stuff oh so tightly
Will she ever stop,yo, I don't know
Stop with the work and the drifts will grow
To the extreme she smacks the walk like a vandal
Cover it with mo-gas and light it like a candle!

Snap, the ice breaks with a boom
Hitting her noggin, raise a knot like a mushroom
Deadly when it smacks upside her melon
Get the walk cleared or be considered a felon
So much ice other Gunnies say Damn!
If ice was a drug, she'd sell it by the gram!

If there's an ice sheet, yo, she'll whack it
Sharpen the axe so Roberta can hack it!

Ice Ice Baby!

Head on over and give Tam a little encouragement as she clears her driveway and sidewalk in time for the next round of snow and ice.
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