Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun Gunnie Game

The other night, while eating dinner, a bunch of gun geeks came up with a bit of a game.  We came up with indicators that you might be a 'gun nut'.

Here's what I can remember* of the indicators and a couple I thought of later:

You might be a gun nut if:
  • Your guns are cleaner than your car.
  • You have more gun safes than you do cars
  • If you've ever reached into your pocket to get change and come up with a live round
  • You set a calendar reminder for your anniversary, but you can remember to the day when your carry license and C&R license need renewal.
  • You put more thought into the names for your guns than you did for your kids.
  • You are more excited about shaking Massad Ayoob's hand than you are about meeting Oliver North.

What do y'all have?

*My apologies, but my Irish ancestors would have been proud of how much Guinness I put away that night.


bluesun said...

...who's Oliver North?

Odysseus said...

Check on all but the last one but then I used to listen to Ollie's radio show.

My wife actually has several of her own of these posted from a while back.

Julie said...

You might be a gun nut if when you read a news headline about getting good shots you actually have to read the article to figure out that they're talking photography ...

Mad Jack said...

You might be a gun nut if...

you have modern firearms in your gun safe that you haven't fired - and these are not collector's items.

you request ammunition as the groom's gift to the best man and ushers.

you give ammunition as the groom's gift to the best man and the ushers - then you ask your wife-to-be about the caliber for the preferred carry piece for her bride's maids.

you have trouble deciding which S&W 686 in .357 you should keep in your nightstand - and they all have the same barrel length and configuration.

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